Monday, June 17, 2013

I spy...Geoje!

My friends and I decided we needed a mini one day vacation!  We decided we would head to Geoje Island!  The trip there began at 8:00am and the bus driver shhhhhed us a few times on the 2 hour ride there.  There are many historical things to see in Geoje, but we didn't do any of them.  Actually I was a little sad we didn't go see the POW camp.  We stopped by for a little while but in the end no one really wanted to pay to go see it.  I love history so naturally I was a little upset that no one

else thought it would be a good experience to go see the camp that held the North Korean POW's.  How could you not be interested in that?  Any ways we spent much time on the bus or walking to find a bus stop.  Above you will see the picture of us taking over the back of the bus.  Oh, there are no seat left?  No problem, we'll just sit on the step.  Now if you know anything about Korea, you will know that sitting on the floor is like the biggest of all NO's, DON'T DO IT!  I'm sure that the Korean's all thought we were crazy.
The day was great though.  We made it to the beach which didn't have sand but rocks instead.  What does one do when you see a bunch of flat rocks that are oh so good for skipping.  You begin the search for the perfect rocks to skip across the ocean.  To your left you will see two beautiful women, E and L, looking for rocks.  E wants to skip them, L wants to keep them??  Ok L!! The great thing about a beach full of rocks is that you will find many interesting colors and shapes.   The only one I remember is the heart shaped one that took me about 10 minutes to find even though my friends were all telling me where to look.  I would say I need glasses...but I already have glasses.  Maybe a new prescription?
When you get tired of looking for fun shaped rocks or rocks good for skipping, then what? What do you do?
That's easy.  You play a game.  What game you ask?  Simple you throw rocks at a target and see who can hit that target first.  Easy enough right.  WRONG!  Rocks tend to bounce off of each other.  When they bounce...they tend to bounce really far.  In fact I think we scared the Korean mom that was there with her children.  I'm pretty sure that if we would have continued to play she would have gone all Korean Ahjama (Korean older grandmother) on us.  Ahjama's are scary people.  They just don't have a care in the world.  Of course no trip to the beach is complete without Makgoli (Korean rice wine?)  Actually I don't really like Makgoli unless it's flavored but I smiled and drank it anyways!
At the end of the day, we stopped at the inlet and watched the boats.  It was a beautiful site, as you can see from the picture below!  Our long 2 hour bus ride back to Busan began at 9...I think.  Actually I don't remember what time we left.  But when we got back on the bus to go home the bus driver was the same one
that was driving the bus that morning and yes he did remember us!  He asked us to not be loud on the ride home like we were on the ride there.  I thought it was funny that of all the foreigners he must see everyday, he remember us because we were a little too loud.
In all the day was great.  It was sunny! I enjoy the sun!  Even though I wore sunscreen, I still got sunburnt!  It's been 2 and a half years since i've been sunburnt.  Actually it's been 2 and a half years since i've seen any color on my skin.  It was a welcomed change!

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