Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bear with me!

Somewhere up near Seoul there is a place called Bear Tree Park.  In this park you will find the native
Moon Bears.  These bears are supposed to be only found in Korea.  Actually, they are only found in this park.  Rumor has it that a long time ago, you know back when tigers lived in Korea, there use to be an over population of these bears.  Rumor has it no one knows how they became almost extinct.  So this man built this park specially for these bears.  So I guess in a way he single handedly save the population of these moon Bears.  What an accomplishment!  One day you will be asked what you did with your life.  What will your answer be?  I hope that some day I accomplish something as amazing as saving a species of bear.  
I'm not much of an animal lover but they are super cute.  They have patch of white fur on their chest that looks like a half moon.  GET IT.  That's how they got their name.
Actually it would be something else in Korean.  Anyways.  I walked around this park, which was a nice break from the city life. It was near the end of  fall time, my favorite time of the year!  The leaves were all red, yellow, and orange!  It was beautiful! If I could live anywhere in the world I would live where it was fall time all the time! I got to see many normal animals to me.  Peacocks, rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, baby bears, brown bears, and the famous Moon Bear!  Because it was close to winter time when I went to the park so part of me was for sure that the bears would be hibernating, but no.  According to one of the workers if you feed a bear regularly they don't go into hibernation.  I wonder if that healthy for the bear?
We got to feed the bears walnut bread!  They love walnut bread!  They do this thing when they want you to throw them some bread.  They stand up on their legs and clap
their paws together.  Almost like a little kid who just did something they think is amazing!  It was super cute!  I wonder how long it took them to learn that trick?  I wonder who taught it to them?  I wonder how much bread they consume in a day?
In part of the park there were bear statues!  Bears getting married, bears playing jump rope, bears that look like they are going to attack you, and bears getting arrested?  It was the perfect opportunity to take funny pictures!  This park is amazing!  I would recommend it to any one!  Although I would say to go when it's a bit warmer outside!!
It was a good day!  I got to spend the day with my friend Reba!  I hadn't seen her since she moved from Busan to Seoul!  So all in all it was a good adventure!

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