Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another day well spent!

Today was a day well spent with my nephew "D".  I haven't really done much one on one with any of the children that my mom currently watches but today I saw my nephew playing yet another video game and thought to myself, "He really needs to get outside and play".  So I went and grabbed some baseballs and a couple of gloves and said, "Hey 'D' wanna go play catch"  His face lit up and he said, "Can I finish this last game first?"  Of course I wasn't complaining.  At least he didn't say, "NO"
I remember when I was younger and video games weren't that popular yet.  My friends and I spent the whole day outside playing games.  We had great imaginations.  We played kickball, stickball, baseball, soccer, street hockey.  That was the good life!  Still to this day I don't understand how anyone can sit inside in front of a computer/tv screen and play a game.  The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, it's beautiful outside.  Go do something!!
I spent about an hour outside with him.  First we tossed the ball back and fourth, then he went and got a bat and I tossed the balls and he pretended that he always hit a homerun.  Good times!!   Of course, he got tired after a while and I was a little sad when he said he wanted to go back inside :(
But I look at my hour I spent with my nephew and think, "I did something really nice for him."  I hope that in the future i'm more of the type of person who will take my children outside rather than let them sit inside on the computer!  I hope that my nephew looks back on this day and smiles and thinks of how much I love him!!!

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